We are an Occupational Health Advisory Firm

For over ten years our occupational health doctors and specialists have provided value for our clients.

What We Do

Occupational Hygiene

Our occupational hygiene division is led by a highly qualified, skilled and experienced AIA registered hygienist who is also experienced in public health.

Occupational Medicine

We analyze companies’ employee health profile and tailor the right employee health program. 

Incapacity and Disability Assessment

We conduct incapacity assessment where employees’ work have been affected by medical conditions, then guide employers on the way forward.  

A bit about us

Experienced Doctors

With over 10 years experience in creating occupational health programmes, audits, designs, monitoring, and evaluations; providing our clients in various industries such as FMCG, construction, mining, and municipalities. We also conduct Health Hygiene Assessments, Health Risk Assessments and Hygiene Survey Programmes.

Industries we serve

Although our work extends across multiple industries, we focus on mining, construction, municipalities, FMCGs, manufacturing and chemicals related industries. With our Covid-19 Safety plan, we focus on corporate and worksplace safety for employees.


Community Public Health Project


Public health project advisory and design

We offer health advisory services to companies on community Health Projects/Programs for Corporate Social Investment. We conduct Community Health Needs Assessment and Research, we also provide advice to clients to ensure that they implement needs based community programs. Our Public Health Specialist design the public health project,  provide a roadmap to reaching the public health objectives and create functions within the project that facilitate a sustainable and successful implementation of the health programs.


Public health project management

With our experience health professionals we project manage public health programs for businesses to ensure ROI. 


Public health audits, monitoring and evaluation

Our experienced team will come into your organisation, assess the impact of your current public health initiative, evaluate its impact on the target community/ies and provide you with a comprehensive report on gaps and corrective actions.


Health Screening

We conduct health screening services for communities for CSI projects. These health screenings are overseen by our Public Health Specialist to ensure they are of high quality standards.

“The Ideal Approach to Hazard Prevention Is Anticipated and Integrated Preventive Action.”


Contact Us

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